Sales Tips

Selling online and at our physical markets is something that we want to help with and encourage.

It’s important to know how to sell to make sales. There is so much advice out there and it can get confusing and complicated. Everyone has different ideas and methods.

We believe that keeping it clean and simple is a great way to start. Create eye catching displays or photos. Sharp, clear and light. Be clear with wording if you are selling online and you must have all your store policies in place. 

Have clear pricing structures and know your competition. Don’t undersell yourself and promote yourself well on all the social media platforms. It’s a rare thing for people to come looking for you, you have to throw yourself out there and show the customer why your product is the best one for them! 

You don’t have to follow trends, but if you go niche then be sure that you understand fully your product so that when you sell it, you know what you are talking about and the customer comes to you knowing that they want to buy.

Read all the latest information for selling online and make sure you abide by selling laws and have registered with HMRC if you make more than one thousand Pounds a year. 

Be sure to have the Food Hygiene, Silver Hallmarking certificates, are CLP compliant if selling candles and wax melts, have you cosmetic product safety report and Product Information File (PIF) if selling soaps/cosmetics and a TENS license if selling alcohol.


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